group descriptions

Mama Bear Sits Down

One thing it might feel like you never do when you're a new mom is sit down, relax, and feel like a human.


For the first time mama (or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. time mama) of a baby 0-6months. This group follows the foundational idea that all mamas should have a space to come together, be supported, and heard. Taking just a moment to sit down with other mamas, and being accepted in all your greatness, is a great first step towards self-care.

· Come as you are, when you can, as long as you can

· Free and weekly. Babies always welcomed.

· Co-facilitated by licensed mental health professionals

Breastfeeding Support Group

So you want to breastfeed your baby, but are facing some road bumps.  Join other moms in discussing struggles and successes.  


· For breastfeeding mama’s of babies 0-6months old

· Lactation Consultants and Community Educators will be co-facilitating 

· Free and weekly. Babies always welcomed

Papa Bear Sits Down

You're a first time dad, and you're also exhausted. Maybe you don't feel comfortable sharing with others how tough this new role may be.  

We are creating a space where dads can find answers and support from other men, and where honest discussions about the adjustment to fatherhood can take place.

· Free and weekly, babies always welcomed

· Co-facilitated by a mental health professional